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hex color wizard

check out the hex color wizard that i have posted on my main site.

hex color wizard 1

hex color wizard 2

google promoting toolbar on homepage

This is what I saw on the google homepage today, they are promoting the toolbar , using a blue ad bar on the top of the page. Look at the top of the page in the image below.

This is the first time I have seen google promoting something this aggressively and taking off so much of the important realestate on the homepage.

google toolbar

click for a full size image.

Om takes on Microsoft Media Center Vs Apple FrontRow

interesting read

New XBox

The new XBox will have a significantly powerfull processor.

“The IBM-built chip features three customized PowerPC computing engines that can each handle two simultaneous tasks at clock speeds greater than 3 gigahertz.”

 Read on the full story

 Sounds cool.


Flock getting started page

This is impressive so far, I have been using it since morning today. The best part is “13 things you can do with Flock (and how to do them)


Finally Flocked

I just downloaded and installed FLOCK and it kicks ass, what it is , is really firefox enhanced to do the things that I wanted to do with it. Pretty Darn Sweet.

I can blog from this or can post to my , awesome.