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css hacks

excellent article about CSS Hacks wrote by tantek, who works for Technorati 🙂

Ev’s Ten Rules for Web Startups

 #1: Be Narrow

 #2: Be Different

 #3: Be Casual

 #4: Be Picky

 #5: Be User-Centric

 #6: Be Self-Centered

 #7: Be Greedy

 #8: Be Tiny

 #9: Be Agile

 #10: Be Balanced

and the BONUS

 #11 (bonus!): Be Wary


Read the details in his post here

nice report about switching from Linux to Mac

this guy writes about his switching from Linux to Mac , pretty interesting read.

web ad sales hit record high

This newstory says that web ad sales hit record high, up by 33.9 percent. That’s pretty interesting and exciting !!

xbox is coming out tomorrow

this is where I want to be , tomorrow , when the New XBOX 360 comes out.

a party in the desert

Sounds cool